Commercial Fire Protection Services

F.E. Moran offers comprehensive fire protection services to our customers. Unlike companies that focus on one aspect of fire protection, such as sprinklers or alarms, we do it all. Bundling multiple services — fire sprinkler, alarm system and gaseous fire suppression — on a single project simplifies the management of your fire protection work and integrates products and services into a system that works extremely well.  

F.E. Moran commercial fire detection System Install, service and design

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

The F.E. Moran in-house alarm team offers a wide range of services, including installation, service, inspection and design for all your fire alarm needs. We are a distributor of high-quality Notifier® by Honeywell commercial smoke detectors and fire alarm systems, and we work with an array of fire panels and manufacturers.

Features of Notifier® products:

  • Intelligent fire alarm
  • Conventional fire alarm
  • High-tech fire and smoke detection
  • Air sampling detectors
  • Voice evacuation alarms
  • High-tech notification systems
  • Mass notification warnings
  • Exit-point audible technology

Fire Alarm Installation and Service

F.E. Moran’s fire alarm and fire sprinkler alarm systems are installed and serviced by highly-trained union electricians. Choosing F.E. Moran for your fire protection ensures full compliance with all relevant codes and requirements.

Whether you need a new fire alarm system or you want to upgrade your existing one, we will design a system customized to your business requirements. F.E. Moran is available to assist you in choosing the correct fire alarm application for your needs.   

In addition to turnkey fire alarm installation, we provide parts, modifications to existing systems, inspections and maintenance through our dedicated staff of NICET fire alarm inspectors and “A” and “C” card union electricians.

F.E. Moran Fire Protection is the full-service fire alarm contractor you want for all your construction projects. Properly designed, installed and maintained fire alarm systems are key to their proper operation — and to protecting lives, property and businesses.

Solutions for Any Commercial Facility

Fire Alarm Systems
These are closely tied to sprinkler systems; without a proper detection system, fire protection is at risk.

Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASDs)
Also called air sampling systems, these detect smoke before humans do. Through the use of fans and sampling pipes, ASD systems actively draw smoke, triggering an alarm 1,000 times faster than standard alarms.

Waterflow/Tamper Switches
Flow switches activate an alarm when they detect water movement or a drop in pressure. Tamper switches activate a trouble signal when they detect a partially or fully closed sprinkler.

Commercial Smoke Detectors
Smoke particle sensing fire detectors will quickly detect a smoldering fire.

Heat Detectors
This type of fire alarm responds when the thermal energy radiating from a fire surpasses a predetermined temperature. 

Duct Smoke Detectors
If smoke is detected in air samples in HVAC ducts, a signal is sent to the fire alarm control panel (FACP), which sounds an alert.

Pressure Detectors
When ignition causes pressure to surge, the contacts on the depression plate close and a signal is sent to the fire alarm control panel (FACP).

Gas-Sensing Detectors
Used in facilities in which hazardous gas release poses a concern, gas-sensing detectors activate before an unsafe amount of gas accumulates.

Flame-Sensing Radiant Energy Fire Detectors
In facilities that house quick-burning materials, flame-sensing radiant energy fire detectors help lessen the risks of deflagration by quickly identifying flaming fires.

Pull Stations
These devices support prompt evacuation and swift action from first responders.

Emergency Communication
For use in power-generating and chemical plants, this system informs facility inhabitants about the situation and provides clear instructions.

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