Industrial Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

F.E. Moran offers comprehensive fire protection services to our customers. Sprinkler systems are not sufficient by themselves — effective fire detection systems must be tied to sprinkler systems because without a proper detection system, fire protection is at risk. Determining and implementing the best detection system for a facility requires proficiency in current technology, environmental factors and the latest industry requirements, and F.E. Moran has the requisite knowledge and skills — along with the dedication to protect each customer’s property from a potentially disastrous fire event.


F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems offers a variety of modern alarm systems with panels that are connected to intelligent, addressable fire detection devices. We offer systems that provide improved performance and require low maintenance and testing. We will replace your outdated systems completely or interface with your existing system so that it can be used for phased upgrades. Our industrial fire alarm systems allow personnel to identify the exact location and status of each device or integrated system from a control room or central panel.

Industrial Fire and Smoke Alarm Installation

The F.E. Moran in-house alarm team offers a wide array of services. We have the experience and expertise to handle all your industrial fire alarm needs, including design, installation, inspection and service. We are a distributor of high-quality Notifier® by Honeywell industrial smoke detectors and fire alarm systems, and we work with various fire panels and manufacturers.


Notifier® products offer the following features:

  • Conventional fire alarm
  • Intelligent fire alarms
  • High-tech fire and smoke detection
  • High-tech notification systems
  • Air sampling detectors
  • Voice evacuation alarms
  • Mass notification warnings
  • Exit point audible technology

Whether you need a new fire alarm system or you want to upgrade your existing one, we will design a system customized to your facility’s requirements. At F.E. Moran, only technicians who received their training through the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) are permitted to install and service our industrial fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems. A properly designed, installed and maintained fire alarm system is key to the proper operation of the sprinkler system.

Specialty Fire Detection Systems

F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems adapts technology to meet your special conditions and hazards. Sometimes you need more than a smoke detector to protect your operation. For example, environments with high ceilings or those with high volumes of airflow require a special system because traditional detection methods are unable to activate an alarm quickly enough. We provide air sampling detection, linear heat detection, gas and flame detection, and other specialty devices to provide protection suitable for any environment.

Industrial Fire Detection Solutions

Air Sampling Smoke Detectors (ASSDs)
This type of smoke detector is capable of identifying a fire at its earliest stage. Smoke in the room is constantly measured, and multiple preliminary warnings are provided before the detector sends a signal to the fire alarm control panel (FACP). The ASSD detects smoke before humans do and triggers an alarm much faster than a standard detection system.

Heat-Sensing Fire Detectors
Spot-type heat-sensing detectors set off an alert when the heat surpasses a predetermined temperature. Linear Heat Detection (LHD) systems have a heat-sensitive wire coating that detects heat along its length. When the heat melts the coating, the inner wires touch and the alarm sounds. LHD systems are highly effective in all temperatures.

Gas-Sensing Detectors
Installed in facilities in which hazardous gas release is a potential problem, these detectors activate before an unsafe amount of gas accumulates.  

Flame-Sensing Radiant Energy Fire Detectors
Ideal for facilities that contain quick-burning materials, flame-sensing radiant energy fire detectors rapidly identify flaming fires. Types include ultraviolet (UV) flame detectors, infrared (IR) flame detectors and spark/ember detectors. 

Pressure Detectors
When ignition causes pressure to surge, the contacts on the depression plate close and a signal is sent to the fire alarm control panel (FACP).

Emergency Communication
In the event of a fire in a power-generating or chemical plant, informing those in the facility is critical. The best method to convey a fire situation and provide instructions is via the integration of an emergency communication system with the facility’s fire alarm control panel (FACP).

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