5-Day Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Challenge

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Last year, we had to help a building owner in a terrible position.  

An assisted living facility that had a drive through tunnel to get to the parking lot had a builder who did not listen to his fire protection contractor.  The builder wanted to put the fire pump room next to the (unheated) tunnel for the parking lot.

The fire protection contractor said, bad idea.  A fire pump room on an exterior wall with an exterior door in the room can cause some major issues.

The exterior door had a small gap of no more than an inch, but it was enough to freeze the pipes and cause a massive flood.

Don't let that happen to you.

That is one of many stories we have.  Here are some examples:  Frozen Fire Sprinkler Pipes Burst at Hotel, 50 People Displaced and Frozen Fire Sprinkler Burst in a Parking Garage, Costing $40k.


You don't want to deal with a frozen fire sprinkler and its aftermath.  Instead, join our challenge!

5-Day Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Challenge

Join our free challenge, and you will receive five challenges to maintain your fire sprinkler system.  Over the next five days, you will receive one maintenance challenge a day.  These challenges will make sure that your fire protection system is running in peak condition and will avoid frozen pipes.

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