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The hazardous and geometric challenges presented by vessels and structures make it difficult to implement a system that will provide the right type of protection for individual applications. Conceiving a system that will conform to intricate structures and skillfully installing it at high elevations are tasks that F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems' team can accomplish at any chemical processing facility, regardless of complexity.

Structural Steel and Pipe Racks - Customized Systems for Varying Applications

  • High degree of engineering - designing a fire protection system for structural steel requires skilled designers to develop a system that will protect the key elements of a structure while navigating challenging architectural elements
  • Targeted suppression - structural steel demands large quantities of water that is deliberately applied in key areas and will be effective in outdoor applications
  • Protection for pipe racks - F.E. Moran has experience installing suppression and detection systems for pipe racks in chemical plants as well as protecting the egress areas in the vicinity

Vessels, Columns, Spheres and Tanks - Innovative Engineering and Installation for Effective Protection

  • Fire protection for complex structures - the erratic shapes, great heights and wide circumferences that must be protected with vessels, columns, spheres and tanks demand innovative engineering and installation tactics that will also allow for future accessibility
  • Protection for specific chemicals - F.E. Moran has the knowledge that is necessary to implement a system that will effectively protect equipment and structures from hazards specific to particular chemicals
  • Installing welded pipe for durable systems - as a design-build contractor, F.E. Moran has the ability to fabricate welded pipe for structures such as spheres that require resilient, customized configurations