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The vast array of piping and equipment that can be found in and under turbine areas requires specialized fire protection solutions and expertise to execute them properly. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems provides dynamic solutions that protect against threats inherent to turbine areas, while working within complex structural environments.

Turbine Underfloor - Meeting Demanding Fire Protection Requirements in Complex Regions

  • Combined flows for multiple threats - substantial water volume and combined flows are used to suppress volatile fires originating in the turbine underfloor
  • Installing around deep beam pockets - navigating the complexity of deep pocketed structural steel that is common in these areas
  • Advanced design methods - design technicians utilize advanced technology to create 3-D modeling for congested turbine underfloors

Turbine Bearings - Implementing the Right Systems in Challenging Areas

  • Routing lines around obstructions - F.E. Moran's design and installation teams have the experience necessary to implement systems in these intricate areas
  • Selecting the most suitable system - the high heat and oil spray fires associated with turbine bearings require a preaction or manual system with directional nozzles; F.E. Moran can determine the most effective system for each distinctive scenario
  • Easy maintenance access - systems are designed to allow for easy maintenance access in the future

Oil-Related Protection - Solutions for Lube Oil, Hydrogen Seal Oil and Oil Storage Areas

  • Mitigating the high risk of oil fires - a robust system with high density discharge is required for unpredictable, high energy oil fires
  • Flexible systems for unique configurations - areas that are potentially exposed to oil flow require an automatic sprinkler, foam-water sprinkler or deluge system; F.E. Moran knows how to best protect against each individual hazard
  • Specialized solutions for oil hazards - the nuances of lube oil, turbine skirt, hydrogen seal oil and oil storage areas require specialized solutions that only a company with experience like F.E. Moran's knows how to implement