Keeping Safety on Our Minds Every Day

The F.E. Moran Group of Companies always strives to take safety to the next level. Our safety team does not direct — they advise our frontline supervisors because safety has a trickle-down effect. Our frontline has the resources to bring the corporate safety vision to the construction site. If you think of safety as a lock, then our employee-partners are the key. Without them, our safety culture ends.

Full-Time Safety Director
Visits project sites on a regular basis to monitor compliance with safety work practices and OSHA regulations.

Full-Time Safety Manager
Also visits project sites regularly to monitor compliance with safety work practices and relevant OSHA regulations.

Safety Liaisons
Within each division, the liaisons monitor compliance with safe workplace practices.

Comprehensive Planning and Training Programs
Provide our leaders with the knowledge and understanding of work practices required to maintain a project free of recognized hazards.

F.E. Moran Health and Safety Program
The F.E. Moran Group of Companies  Health and Safety Program provides enforcement and monitoring of safety practices. The manual contains construction safety practices that go beyond industry requirements and exceed OSHA standards.

Complete written site-safety inspections, evaluation of safety trends and continual hazard abatement.

All employees of the F.E. Moran Group of Companies are empowered to be safety conscious and instructed to stop and correct unsafe acts or conditions.

Part of creating and upholding a safety culture within a company is maintaining constant communication. Listening to those in the field and bringing back ideas for improvement are vital to success.

Communication goes both ways. We convene regular foremen safety meetings, customized toolbox talks and safety training for our safety staff to communicate to their partners. Partners are also encouraged to communicate observations from the field to safety personnel.

F.E. Moran Group Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has always been less that the national average of 1.0

Our Safety Record and Current EMR

Our commitment to safety has borne results. Since 2010 our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has always been less that the national average of 1.0. What does this mean? The EMR is a number that insurance companies use to gauge both past costs of injuries and future chances of risk. The lower the EMR, the lower the future workers’ compensation insurance premiums. The average EMR in our industry is 1.0, so we are doing well.

As an example, a company with an EMR of 1.2 could have insurance premiums that are up to 20% higher than a company with an EMR of 1.0. The 20% difference may be passed on to customers via higher bids for work. A company like ours that has a lower EMR enjoys a competitive advantage because of the lower cost of insurance.

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