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The Moran Group’s Commitment to Safety

It is our goal to protect every one of our employees from an injury and make sure every single one of our employees goes home to their families.

Making safety a priority changes over time.

It becomes more and more challenging to be truly excellent at safety as we grow.  More employees become involved.  Managers need to commit to the safety program.  We need to be innovative to ensure a safe and healthy jobsite.  To be innovative, we analyze trends and look at past successes to make a clear path for the future of safety with our group of companies:  F.E. Moran, F.E. Moran Fire Protection Northern Illinois, F.E. Moran National, F.E. Moran Mechanical Services, and F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems.

The road to success is always under construction
— Lily Tomlin

Our safety department, management, and partners (our word for employees) work together to build a safety culture.  We have specific, common, and influencing safety beliefs, attitudes, values, decisions, expectations, behaviors, experiences, and stories.  Safety culture is the byproduct of this.  As a family-owned business, each of our partners, subcontractors, and clients are our priority.  Their safety and health is #1.

The Moran Group always strives to take safety to the next level.  Our safety team does not direct.  They advise our front line supervisors because safety has a trickle down effect.  Our front line has the resources to bring the corporate safety vision to the construction site.  While safety is like a lock, our partners are the key.  Without them, our safety culture ends.



  • Full Time Safety Director –  Visits to the project sites on a regular basis by The Moran Group Safety Director to monitor compliance of safety work practices and OSHA regulations.
  • Full Time Safety Manager – Visits to the the project sites on a regular basis by The Moran Group Safety Manager to monitor compliance of safety work practices and OSHA regulations.
  • Safety Liaisons – within each division of The Moran Group to monitor compliance of safety workplace practices.
  • Comprehensive Planning and Training Programs – Provides our leaders with the knowledge needed and understanding of work practices to maintain a project free of recognized hazards.
  • FE Moran Health and Safety Program – The Moran Group maintains a Health and Safety Program that provides enforcement and monitoring of safety practices. This manuals contains construction safety practices that go beyond the requirements, exceeding the OSHA standards.
  • Measurement – Complete written site safety inspections, evaluate safety trends, and continuously abate hazards.
  • Accountability – Everyone within The Moran Group is empowered to be safety conscious and correct unsafe observations.
  • Communication – Part of creating and maintaining a safety culture within a company is to keep constant communication. Listening to those in the field and bringing back ideas for improvement are the key to success. Communication goes both ways.  We have regular foremen safety meetings, toolbox talks, and safety training for our safety staff to communicate with partners.  Partners are also encouraged to communicate to safety about what they observe in the field.