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Reactors and their related components, such as cokers and crackers, present complex challenges when implementing fire protection solutions. Massive vertical space, elaborate design and specialized installation considerations all contribute to the complexity of these projects.

Cokers - Protecting Lives and Valuable Equipment

  • Life safety protection - providing life safety systems for stairwells and egress areas to ensure the well being of plant staff
  • Combined fire suppression for interconnected systems - equipment associated with cokers are often interconnected and needs to be protected simultaneously; F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems can implement a solution with combined systems for complete coverage
  • Protection for fuel handling - conveyors, loading facilities and other systems associated with fuel handling require specialized solutions that are designed to protect against specific hazards

Crackers - Customized Solutions for Complex Areas

  • Multi-pronged solutions - some equipment associated with crackers is best protected by implementing multiple fire suppression systems for thorough coverage
  • Designed for accessibility - designing and installing around the abundance of obstructions in crackers requires skill and experience; F.E. Moran can successfully install systems in the most complex areas with consideration for future maintenance access
  • Solutions for specialized hazards - as a pressure vessel with potentially volatile chemicals, crackers pose specific threats in areas such as loading and unloading, which require fire protection solutions designed specific to the hazard

Support Steel - Protection for Architecturally Challenging Environments

  • Protecting adjacent structures - a comprehensive fire protection system should cover more than just the processing systems, supporting derrick and critical structural steel should be protected by the appropriate fire protection systems
  • Overcoming architectural challenges - some facilities require fire protection at great heights and unusual vessel arrangements; F.E. Moran can install systems with secure supporting systems at any height