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Process and control equipment locations vary from outdoors to building locations filled with obstructions and multiple risks. Equipment such as pumps and compressors require specific, targeted solutions that will detect a threat or control a fire quickly and efficiently. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has the experience and knowledge to implement systems correctly to protect lives and valuable plant property.

Processing Systems - Flexible Systems for a Variance of Applications

  • Working around obstructions - F.E. Moran expertly installs systems amid the abundance of obstructions that are commonplace in the vicinity of processing systems
  • Robust suppression systems - the volatility of processing systems demands that powerful deluge systems with thick wall piping are employed and are ready to operate at peak performance in the event of an emergency
  • Comprehensive solutions for multiple threats - the best solutions often encompass a combination of fire protection systems, such as foam and FM-200, to mitigate risks associated with different types of processing systems
  • Coverage for hot oil areas - hot oil utilized on extruder heads and used for lubricating and heat transfers poses a high risk for fires; F.E. Moran implements pilot head deluge systems to provide adequate suppression for these high intensity fires

Pumps and Compressors - Implementing the Right System in the Optimal Location

  • Proper system placement for pump seal protection - commonly pilot head detection and nozzles are placed at and elevation that is too high and distant to be effective, However, F.E. Moran knows exactly where to install systems so that detection and suppression are located where fires are most likely to originate
  • Flexible detection systems - although pilot heads are typically used for detection when protecting pumps and compressors, F.E. Moran can also implement electric detection if appropriate for the specific application
  • Systems designed for outdoor applications - F.E. Moran knows the best way to implement a dependable fire protection system that will function optimally in outdoor environments. Wind, temperature and corrosive environments present special considerations for the design of these systems to perform properly when called upon.