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It is critical that the highly specialized fire protection that is required in process buildings is implemented by a fire protection resource that has the in-depth knowledge to safely and effectively install the right systems for each application. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has the experience necessary to overcome the unique challenges inherent to highly sensitive areas.

Analyzer Buildings - Providing the Experience and Knowledge Necessary to Protect Sensitive Areas

  • Authorized workers for restricted areas - it is common for analyzer buildings to have restricted access for contractors; F.E. Moran's employees have the appropriate licensure and have been granted authorization to perform work in controlled areas without escorts in many of the facilities they serve
  • Systems for air quality equipment - F.E. Moran has extensive experience providing fire protection systems for air quality equipment found in analyzer buildings
  • Fire protection for high voltage areas - specific fire suppression systems must be implemented in high voltage analyzer buildings to control fires safely

MCC's and RIE's - Solutions for Delicate Equipment

  • Fire suppression systems for electronic equipment - the equipment in MCC's and RIE's require specialized suppression systems that will not damage susceptible components
  • High quality detection - these sensitive areas demand highly sensitive detection to mitigate damage to fragile equipment
  • Remote communication - MCC's and RIE's are typically located in remote locations that are not frequently manned, F.E. Moran can implement a fire protection system that communicates back to staffed areas for immediate response by the plant