In-House Prefabrication at F.E. Moran

F.E. Moran utilizes in-house prefabrication to increase efficiency and productivity. Our skilled trades prefabricate sprinkler systems, control panels, plumbing assemblies, industrial piping systems, and sheet metal assemblies in our state-of-the-art fabrication shop to allow F.E. Moran to complete fast-paced projects ahead of schedule. Working in a controlled environment increases quality and reduces waste.

Our dedicated shop personnel ensure that our field personnel continue working without material shortages. Our custom software allows concise coordination of field personnel, office managers, and suppliers to meet just-in-time, delivering with the precision building owners and general contractors demand.

Benefits of In-House Prefabrication

  • Quality control/quality assurance
  • Improves product consistency
  • Uses less on-site labor
  • Increases safety for fabricators
  • Expedites scheduling; work begins upon approval
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Requires fewer on-site material deliveries, providing Leadership in Environmental Design (LEED) benefits by reducing excess material and shipping waste
  • Cuts down installation time by providing other trades earlier access to the work area
The Benefits of using F.E. Moran for In-house Prefabrication Services

Facility Features & Overview

Designed with safety, efficiency, and productivity at the forefront.

  • 38,000 SF of indoor climate-controlled fabrication space
  • 3000 SF climate-controlled area designated for hydrostatic testing
  • (3) 10 ton overhead cranes
  • (2) 5 ton overhead cranes
  • 2 ton JIB arms with electric hoists on all columns
  • Dual column semi-automatic band saw
  • Pipe Positioners up to 42”
  • Capable of 25 weld booths
  • Welding Processes:
    • GTAW (tig)
    • SMAW (stick)
    • GMAW (mig)
    • FCAW (flux core)
  • Project specific welding procedures available at client request
    • Welding Machines:
    • Pipe Pro 450
    • Dynasty 400
    • XMT 304
    • Max Star 400
    • Pipe Worx Pro 400
    • Tip Tig
  • Inert gas switchover and distribution system
  • Automated prep and beveling equipment
  • Separate, secured rod room with a roll-up issue window (strict QC personnel access only)
  • Organized, secured materials per project engineering specifications
F.E. Moran dedicated workforce performing Innovative Prefabrication Solutions


The core of our commitment to safe and productive fabrication is our dedicated workforce. Quality work is guaranteed by our highly trained and experienced craftsmen and their supervisors. Any employee has the ability, support, and responsibility to immediately address issues should they arise.

  • The fabrication process is maximized with end-prep equipment for pipe sizes from 2” to the largest pipe manufactured.
  • Inert gas switchover and distribution system is piped into every weld booth, creating efficiencies and eliminating the lost productivity caused by handling individual bottles.
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