Controls and HVAC Building Automation

On average, HVAC operation accounts for nearly half of a commercial facility’s energy consumption. Having the proper HVAC controls system in place can generate significant energy and cost savings for building owners. More importantly, HVAC control is responsible for the comfort and health of a building’s occupants as it provides temperature control, fresh air circulation, and filtration.

Computrols HVAC controls are the backbone of large building automation systems, specifically made to meet the challenges of today’s largest and most demanding facilities. Some of the unique features of our DDC controls include:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Integration to open and proprietary systems
  • Two-piece board design
  • No product churning
  • 4-in-1 points

F.E. Moran Mechanical Services provides the finest control system manufactured entirely in the United States. This system is produced by Computrols, an industry-leading building automation systems company.

F.E. Moran Is an Official Computrols Dealer

As an official Computrols dealer, we offer a full line of Computrols software, controllers, computers, enclosures, end devices and integration interfaces. All are highly reliable, have a long life and provide precise control.

Computrols provides an easy-to-use interface that helps facility owners and managers sustain the efficiency of their buildings’ HVAC systems, which is essential to keeping the occupants comfortable and maintaining long-term profitability. You can depend on Computrols for the most economical and effective HVAC controls solution.

Complete HVAC Building Automation System

Computrols building control components come from a single source and are backed by a strong, factory-certified Computrols Dealer Network. Plus, Computrols offers the industry’s only lifetime warranty on everything manufactured by the company. All products are 100% designed, manufactured and quality control tested in the United States.

Unlike many of our competitors, Computrols will never become obsolete because everything the company builds is backward and forward-compatible. In fact, Computrols is able to support many of their competitors’ legacy or obsolete systems that the other suppliers no longer support.

With the HVAC experience of F.E. Moran Mechanical Services and the high-quality building automation systems from Computrols, commercial property owners know they are getting the best possible solution — a premier HVAC automation system combined with our expert installation and building automation services.

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