Normal, IL Fire Department Fire Sprinkler Training


Justin James conducted a fire sprinkler training for the Normal Fire Department recently, and got a big thank you from the Fire Chief.

James said, “We had great success last week not only in training, but also with developing a good source of communication for one of our sales staff who also sat in for a class session. The Lead Fire Prevention Inspector for Normal, IL offered Craig Arbuckle his support in anything that we need their support with. I think this reflects a great positive indication for the team building and networking we are trying to accomplish along with the training.”

Normal IL Fire Department.JPG

Justin James of F.E. Moran Fire Protection National Trains Peoria Fire Department

Fire Protection Training.png

Snippet from the blog:

Justin James, F.E. Moran Fire Protection National's expert trainer, provided marathon training sessions for the Peoria Fire Department.

James had 150 attendees that ranged from a few people that were weeks from retirement to firefighters that were on their second day on the job.  

His training sessions were four times a day for three consecutive days at 8am, 10am, 12pm, and 2pm.

Read the whole post here.

Town Hall Meeting - September 2018


On September 10, 2018, The Moran Group held their quarterly town hall meeting at the headquarters in Northbrook.

The theme of this quarter’s town hall was unity.

Don’t think of our different entities as different companies. They are merely different divisions.

We are one company with many capabilities!

If you missed the live town hall, you can still watch it. The recording is posted on Moran University. Just search for “Town Hall September 2018” in the Course Library.

What did you miss?

Here are a few of the topics that were discussed in the town hall meeting.

Annual Incentive Plan (AIP)

The AIP is changing. Over the past nine months or so, the executive team (ET) has been working on re-evaluating the AIP to focus more on individual accomplishments over other company’s successes.

More detail will be provided at the individual division town hall meetings.

Service Marketing is About You

Our company is about selling a service, not a product. What does that mean for marketing? The PEOPLE matter most. So, what do I need from you?

I want you to

  • Host webinars

  • Speak at industry events

  • Write blog posts

  • Allow me to ghost write for you

  • Post our articles on your social media

  • Share prospect lists with me

Together, we can build your thought leadership reputation. You already have the knowledge, I want to help people notice it.

Shout Outs

A big congratulations to

Veronica Smuk

Brad Thomas

John Stortz


Andrew Aleksich

for being an exemplary model of our core values. Day in, day out, they embody excellence, integrity, loyalty, perseverance, humility, and courage.

In Conclusion

If you have one take away, have it be this — we are one company. So, let’s work together and support one another.

United we thrive.

F.E. Moran, F.E. Moran Fire Protection, & GCs Come Together for Ravinia Festival

F.E. Moran, F.E. Moran Fire Protection, and their general contractor customers spent the evening of September 6, 2018 at Ravinia Festival to see Fifty Cent.

John Hewitt and his wife put together an amazing spread of food and drinks for 150 employees, GCs, and their spouses to enjoy.

While the morning was rainy and cold, it cleared up for the event, and everyone had an amazing time getting to know each other better.

F.E. Moran & F.E. Moran Fire Protection North Get Cook County Hospital Contract!

cook county hospital.jpg

F.E. Moran and F.E. Moran Fire Protection Northern Illinois  are excited to be the design/build HVAC and fire protection contractors on the Cook County Hospital conversion to two new hotels.

The $90 million building permit was recently issued for Walsh Construction to restore the vacant hospital and convert it to two hotels.

According to Chicago Construction News, it will become a hospitality, office, and retail center.  The hotels will be part of the Hyatt chain.

Here is a snippet from the Chicago Construction News article: 

A $90 million building permit has been issued for Walsh Construction Company II to restore the former Cook County Hospital’s long-vacant main building into two hotels.

The eight-story, 345,000 sq. ft. structure at 1835 W. Harrison St. will become a “210 key hospitality, office and retail” structure, according to the recently issued building permit.

Read the entire article here.

Moran University Introduces Single Sign-on

Moran University is getting simplified.

For those in the office who log into their computer each day, you can now sign into Moran University with the same login.

Here's how to do it!

1) Go to >>>

2) Use the drop-down menu and click on Moran University.

2) Use your Moran computer's login.

3) You're in!

For those in the field without a login, you also have access to the same Moran University as everyone else; however, you must login with a user-created username and password.

To do this, follow these simple steps.

1) Request an account by emailing

2) You will receive an email from Moran University with login information and a direct link.

Do you have questions?  Email me directly at


Moran University flyer.jpg

CBRE Charity Bash at Wrigley Field


F.E. Moran and F.E. Moran Fire Protection attended the CBRE Chicago Charity Bash at Wrigley Field on Monday, August 13.

The event had two parts.  One was a kid clinic where Kyle Schwarber, Wilson Contreras, and Jon Lester gave pro tips on hitting, pitching, and fielding to the first 125 kids who signed up.  The other part was a Q&A with Joe Madden.

Learn more about the event here.

Hello, world! The Fonte's Welcome Daughter

Congratulations to Brian and Brittney Fonte for welcoming a daughter to their family.

Olivia Sheila Fonte was born July 17, 2018 at 7:34pm.  She was 6 pounds, 11 ounces and 19 inches long.

Curious about the Y Drive?


There is some confusion about the Y drive and how people from different companies can share documents when collaborating.

For Example

  • How do I get the safety documents?
  • Where do I find the vacation request off form?
  • How can I easily share a big file with someone who doesn't have access to my drive?

The answer is all the same.  The Y drive.

With many misconceptions about the Y drive, here are some Y drive facts that might help you understand its usage better.

Y Drive Facts

  • The Y drive is the only drive accessible by all companies.
  • It's currently the best place to keep shared information.
  • The "General" folder has all HR documents.
  • You can only access the Y drive with a Windows computer with a Moran login.
  • If you have an email address and phone, but no Windows computer that requires a login, you cannot access the Y drive.

Y Drive Alternatives

If you do not have access to the Y drive (you do not have a Windows computer that requires a Moran login), there are other ways to gain access to documents.

  • HR-related documents can be found on Moran University in the Moran 101 course.
  • Safety documents can be provided by Jason Galoozis.
  • Sharing documents across companies or sharing large files can be done with Dropbox.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered in this post?  Add it in the comments below.

She Builds Cocktail Night

She Builds.jpg

CT Mechanical hosted a cocktail night for women in construction called She Builds.  They raised funds for the Habitat for Humanity Women Build organization.

Here is a snippet from the wrap-up email:

We were blown away by the turnout, and we hope you had an
unforgettable evening full of food, drinks, fun and female empowerment! 

Hopefully the first of many more cocktail nights, it was so refreshing
to get to know so many of you without blaring ball games, beer spilling

and rowdy poker bets to distract us. With so many fantastic women
to network with throughout the night, we can’t wait to see what
new business opportunities and relationships are to come. 




From the office to the site: Moran 101 July 2018


The Moran Group hosted a Moran 101 site visit on July 10 and 11.

They visited Wanda Vista and the sheet metal shop to better understand what happens in the field during Moran Group projects.  Jason Galoozis and Betsy Cornell acted as tour guides, while the men in the field and shop took the time to explain the projects to the group.

Tina Russell said:

I wanted to reach out to you on behalf of Mechanical Services to thank you both so very much for providing Daryl, Joann and myself with an unforgettable tour of the FE Moran shop.  We all agree that this experience not only provided us with a different perspective of what FE Moran does but also a new respect for those individuals “putting it all together”.

We are so very thankful for individuals like Tom, Gil, Dave, the sprinkler guys for taking time out from their day to provide us with a wealth of knowledge and information. 

Tuesday and yesterday are 2 days that we will never forget.  This tour provided us with a new perspective of what goes into the construction of buildings.  When we enter a building in the future it will make us more aware of what went into building it.


Snow Day Hero


Mike Cartier's son saved a man's life while having a snow day from his job in the Lake County School district.  Here is a letter from the Superintendent.

Scott Cartier (Mike's son), SEDOL Teacher of Physical Education at Cyd Lash Academy, took a breakfast break in dealing with the first snow day of 2018 (February 9, 2018) by heading to his local McDonald’s.   Shortly upon arrival, Scott was summoned to assist in the rescue of a gentleman who had a portion of his sandwich lodged in his throat.  Being a certified CPR instructor, Scott quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver and was able to eventually get the sandwich to dislodge from the man’s throat, restoring breathing.  

During his seventeen years at SEDOL, Scott Cartier has provided training in CPR and emergency response procedures for instructional and support staff.  Scott is also a certified Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) trainer, helping instructional staff to deal proactively with student behavior issues.  By being in the right place and at the right time, a day without students still evolved into a day of ultimate service for Scott in helping to save a life. 

Remembering Tom Olson

Tom Olson.jpg

The Moran Group is feeling the loss of Tom's always friendly demeanor. 

Tom Olson died on Tuesday, June 26, after a short illness that took him quickly.

Tom had worked for F.E. Moran Mechanical Services since 1989, when he started as a 597 union pipefitter.  Through the years, he advanced to the service manager.

He was a staple in MMS.  Whenever you visited, he was there with a smile.  His co-workers will miss him dearly.

I always admired Tom for the many hilarious stories he recounted with his dry, cutting sense of humor.  And I respected him for his incredible knowledge of our industry and the manner in which he conducted himself.  I will miss him a great deal.
— Brian Moran

FEM and FPN at the John Buck Company's Spring Fling

On June 14, 2018, F.E. Moran and F.E. Moran Fire Protection went to the Merchandise Mart for the 30th Spring Fling with the John Buck company.

Here is a snippet about the event:

Mark your calendars on June 14, 2018 for the 30th Annual Spring Fling at the Merchandise Mart. The 2018 beneficiaries are The John Buck Company Foundation and Working on Womanhood (WOW) Youth Guidance. WOW is a multifaceted school-based, group counseling program that works to improve the social-emotional and behavior competencies for grade 7-12 girls exposed to traumatic stress and/or with emotion regulation challenges. The program currently serves more than 1,750 girls in 31 Chicago area schools. To learn more, visit

Click here to learn more about the event.