Town Hall Meeting - September 2018


On September 10, 2018, The Moran Group held their quarterly town hall meeting at the headquarters in Northbrook.

The theme of this quarter’s town hall was unity.

Don’t think of our different entities as different companies. They are merely different divisions.

We are one company with many capabilities!

If you missed the live town hall, you can still watch it. The recording is posted on Moran University. Just search for “Town Hall September 2018” in the Course Library.

What did you miss?

Here are a few of the topics that were discussed in the town hall meeting.

Annual Incentive Plan (AIP)

The AIP is changing. Over the past nine months or so, the executive team (ET) has been working on re-evaluating the AIP to focus more on individual accomplishments over other company’s successes.

More detail will be provided at the individual division town hall meetings.

Service Marketing is About You

Our company is about selling a service, not a product. What does that mean for marketing? The PEOPLE matter most. So, what do I need from you?

I want you to

  • Host webinars

  • Speak at industry events

  • Write blog posts

  • Allow me to ghost write for you

  • Post our articles on your social media

  • Share prospect lists with me

Together, we can build your thought leadership reputation. You already have the knowledge, I want to help people notice it.

Shout Outs

A big congratulations to

Veronica Smuk

Brad Thomas

John Stortz


Andrew Aleksich

for being an exemplary model of our core values. Day in, day out, they embody excellence, integrity, loyalty, perseverance, humility, and courage.

In Conclusion

If you have one take away, have it be this — we are one company. So, let’s work together and support one another.

United we thrive.