Snow Day Hero


Mike Cartier's son saved a man's life while having a snow day from his job in the Lake County School district.  Here is a letter from the Superintendent.

Scott Cartier (Mike's son), SEDOL Teacher of Physical Education at Cyd Lash Academy, took a breakfast break in dealing with the first snow day of 2018 (February 9, 2018) by heading to his local McDonald’s.   Shortly upon arrival, Scott was summoned to assist in the rescue of a gentleman who had a portion of his sandwich lodged in his throat.  Being a certified CPR instructor, Scott quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver and was able to eventually get the sandwich to dislodge from the man’s throat, restoring breathing.  

During his seventeen years at SEDOL, Scott Cartier has provided training in CPR and emergency response procedures for instructional and support staff.  Scott is also a certified Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) trainer, helping instructional staff to deal proactively with student behavior issues.  By being in the right place and at the right time, a day without students still evolved into a day of ultimate service for Scott in helping to save a life.