Curious about the Y Drive?


There is some confusion about the Y drive and how people from different companies can share documents when collaborating.

For Example

  • How do I get the safety documents?
  • Where do I find the vacation request off form?
  • How can I easily share a big file with someone who doesn't have access to my drive?

The answer is all the same.  The Y drive.

With many misconceptions about the Y drive, here are some Y drive facts that might help you understand its usage better.

Y Drive Facts

  • The Y drive is the only drive accessible by all companies.
  • It's currently the best place to keep shared information.
  • The "General" folder has all HR documents.
  • You can only access the Y drive with a Windows computer with a Moran login.
  • If you have an email address and phone, but no Windows computer that requires a login, you cannot access the Y drive.

Y Drive Alternatives

If you do not have access to the Y drive (you do not have a Windows computer that requires a Moran login), there are other ways to gain access to documents.

  • HR-related documents can be found on Moran University in the Moran 101 course.
  • Safety documents can be provided by Jason Galoozis.
  • Sharing documents across companies or sharing large files can be done with Dropbox.

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