From the office to the site: Moran 101 July 2018


The Moran Group hosted a Moran 101 site visit on July 10 and 11.

They visited Wanda Vista and the sheet metal shop to better understand what happens in the field during Moran Group projects.  Jason Galoozis and Betsy Cornell acted as tour guides, while the men in the field and shop took the time to explain the projects to the group.

Tina Russell said:

I wanted to reach out to you on behalf of Mechanical Services to thank you both so very much for providing Daryl, Joann and myself with an unforgettable tour of the FE Moran shop.  We all agree that this experience not only provided us with a different perspective of what FE Moran does but also a new respect for those individuals “putting it all together”.

We are so very thankful for individuals like Tom, Gil, Dave, the sprinkler guys for taking time out from their day to provide us with a wealth of knowledge and information. 

Tuesday and yesterday are 2 days that we will never forget.  This tour provided us with a new perspective of what goes into the construction of buildings.  When we enter a building in the future it will make us more aware of what went into building it.