Dancing with the Brokers

F.E. Moran and F.E. Moran Fire Protection got together for Dancing with the Brokers.  Much like Dancing with the Stars, real estate and construction pros team up with professional dancers for a one-night show.

dancing with the stars.JPG


Gavin Hansen, Chiara Lima, John Hewitt, Blake Hewitt, Jordan Godsey, Brian Fonte, James Grant, and Joseph Grabarits had a great time with F.E. Moran sponsoring the cocktails!

The dancers can be found here.

Here is a brief summary about the event:

The Box It Foundation is proud to present Dancing with the Brokers (DWTB), where local real estate and construction professionals come face-to-face in the ultimate dance competition. Each couple will consist of a real estate or construction professional and a professional dancer from the country’s leading dance company, Arthur Murray. The participants will engage in months of training with their professional dance partner in preparation for the main event.
— Dancing with the Brokers