A Thank You Letter from Executive Construction

thank you letter.png

Congratulations to F.E. Moran, John Hewitt, and Ray Polino, the lead pipefitter on Project M for being recognized on Project M in a thank you letter.

Lee Robinson, Senior Project Superintendent for Executive Construction:

I am sending this note on behalf of the Executive Construction Project M's team, as we want to recognize one of your lead pipefitters on the site, Ray Polino. There was an incident @ the site where a Base Building fire protection line had a failure, and Ray who was working in the vicinity, had the mindset and training to immediately respond by quickly heading to the stairwell, closing the fire protection valve and opening up the drain line, followed by a call to Field Management to advise of the situation. This is the exact response that is hoped for from a valued Partner, and this speaks volumes about FE Moran’s commitment to safety, and as it relates to this project, your pipefitter foreman Kevin Neary communicating with his crew the discussions and protocol, in this case, shutting the valve, from the Weekly coordination meetings. 
Please pass this up the ladder to your Team, as this action most certainly deserves internal recognition. Kudos to Ray and Kevin on what was an A+ response..

 John Hewitt had this to say, "Ray, I personally want to simply say thank you.  What you did yesterday shows everything we are looking for in a leader and a representative of F.E. Moran."

Brian Moran continued, "This is the type of action and attitude that continues to differentiate F.E. Moran from everyone else.  Thank you!"