LinkedIn for Professional Services


We are a professional service company, and as you may remember, that means that our PEOPLE are our biggest marketers.

One of the easiest ways to build your professional reputation is through LinkedIn. Most people you want to sell to are on LinkedIn.

Hinge Marketing created a LinkedIn for Professional Services e-Book.

Here is a snippet:

LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for professionals – and its popularity is on the rise. As of March 2017, LinkedIn has over 460 million members, compared to 10 million just 10 years earlier. Many use the platform to connect with colleagues, industry contacts, prospective recruits, and more, but it also provides powerful discussion and sharing features.

Since the previous edition of this guide, LinkedIn has expanded its service with new features. In this fourth edition, we bring the guide up to date with the most important features for the busy executive.

In the following pages, we’ll lay out a LinkedIn strategy for you and your professional services firm. We’ll also explain the newest LinkedIn features and what they mean for you.

Read the full 39-page e-book right here.