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Midstream facilities are filled with storage tanks, which pose a major fire hazard. The fuel is abundant and it doesn't take much to cause a spark strong enough to ignite a fire. 

In a study of 250 storage tank fires, a chart was created to determine the cause of those fires. The fires sparked from over ten different causes.

The top five were
1. Lightning - 33%
2. Maintenance/hot work - 13%
3. Operational error - 12%
4. Equipment failure - 8%
5. Sabotage - 8%

It's imperative to protect storage tanks and other hazardous areas within the midstream facility.

Midstream facilities are never the same. Each facility has its own unique qualities that make designing fire protection more difficult. The product from facility to facility can vary greatly, which results in different fire protection needs. 

Midstream facilities have a wide variety of fire protection needs due to the different commodities. 

• Foam fire sprinklers
• Wet-pipe fire sprinklers
• Deluge fire sprinklers
• Inert Gas
• Detection

Because of the vast array of fire hazards in Midstream facilities, it is important to hire a company experienced in all types of high-risk, high-value fire protection. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has been protecting storage areas, pumping stations, process areas, and all other areas of midstream facilities since 1979. With their expansive experience, they are the trusted design/build contractor for U.S. midstream facilities.