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The risks associated with materials found in chemical processing facilities are compounded when large quantities of substances are located in a condensed area, such as with material storage and loading areas. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems is intimately familiar with the hazards related to various chemicals and knows the best way to protect a plant's valuable assets through proper implementation of a comprehensive fire protection system.

Material Storage - Effective Fire Protection Systems for Hazardous Areas

  • Expertise to protect multi-use facilities - in facilities where multiple types of materials are being stored, a flexible, multi-tiered fire protection scheme must be implemented
  • Fire protection for bulk storage - whether a facility needs protection for liquid, gas or dry bulk, F.E. Moran understands the hazard requirements associated with any type of bulk storage, including combustible dust
  • Detection and suppression for vessels - F.E. Moran has the knowledge to implement the appropriate system for any type of material stored in vessels, from foam to clean agent to water based systems
  • Remote monitoring - in applications where storage areas are frequently unmanned, it is critical that fire protection systems effectively communicate with areas that are perpetually occupied

Loading Areas - Mitigating Risk in Threatening Environments

  • Understanding of chemical safety - through experience F.E. Moran knows the best practices and has the proper equipment for installing fire protection systems in hazardous chemical environments
  • Durable detection solutions - the corrosive environments in loading areas can be destructive to detection systems, F.E. Moran can implement a variety of rugged detection solutions from pilot line heat detectors, Protectowire and/or IR systems
  • TWIC-licensed employees - F.E. Moran's employees hold TWIC identification credentials, allowing them to perform work in secure areas without an escort