ScottishPower Exits Coal & Gas Gen, Switches to Renewables - via Energy Manager Today

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Energy Manager Today reported that ScottishPower became the first UK energy company to 100% exit from coal and gas generation. They want to focus on renewable energy.

See a snippet below:

ScottishPower became the first integrated energy company in the United Kingdom to completely exit coal and gas generation. The company sold its remaining traditional gas-fired power stations to Drax Group last week in order to focus entirely on renewables.

Wind capacity has long been a focus for ScottishPower, which is part of Iberdrola Group, a global energy company that has an operating portfolio of over 14,000 MW of wind power. Following the sale to Drax, 100% of the electricity for the company is generated from wind power. The Whitelee wind farm located on Eaglesham Moor outside of Glasgow has 215 turbines that can generate up to 539 MW, making it the UK’s largest onshore wind facility.

In the UK, the energy company has an offshore wind power pipeline of 2,900 MW in addition to the 714 MW being constructed for the East Anglia One project. ScottishPower says they have a pipeline of future wind project capable of generating more than 3,000 MW. They are investing $6.8 billion (£5.2 billion) in renewables and building smart grids over the next four years to help make electricity cleaner and more affordable.

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