The World’s Top Liquefied Natural Gas Exporters

The World’s Top Liquefied Natural Gas Exporters.jpg

Natural gas is one of the most popular energy sources at the moment.  It is environmentally friendly and inexpensive.  To transport natural gas, it is converted to its liquefied form, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

While the entire world is using natural gas, where is it all coming from?  Here are the top 8 exporters of LNG found around the world.

1.     Qatar

Qatar sits on the largest natural gas reserves on the planet.  The city is tiny, with only 300,000 residents.  Its economy relies heavily on immigrants to run their natural gas led economy.  At this point 90% of their workforce are Expats.

2.     Australia

Despite South Australia’s energy crisis, Australia has a substantial offshore natural gas reserve.  Australia has doubled their LNG output since 2004.

3.     Malaysia

Malaysia exported 10% of the global supply of natural gas.  For three decades, Malaysia and Thailand have worked together on LNG assets and share the profits.

4.     Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s biggest economy, exporting 7.2% of the world’s LNG. 

5.     Indonesia


Indonesia is better known as a vacation destination than a natural gas hub, but it exported 6.4% of the world’s LNG.

Liquefied Natural Gas is a hot topic, and LNG facilities are becoming more and more popular.  They also need to be protected from fire.  Learn more about fire protection needs of LNG facilities here.

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