New Jersey Paper Plant Fire

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Industrial Plant Fire in New Jersey Destroys Warehouse

A New Jersey paper plant fire was made nearly impossible to extinguish thanks to freezing temperatures. The fire broke out and quickly escalated to 7 alarms.

Original New Jersey Industrial Plant Fire

According to Accuweather, temperatures felt as if they were fifteen to twenty below zero when engine water lines froze while trying to fight the fire. About 400 firefighters responded to the fire in Bergen County, New Jersey. The freezing temperatures froze both fire hydrants and water hoses. The building was built with timber and brick, which promoted the fire’s quick spread.

Residents were asked to evacuate the area as a safety precaution.

The fire destroyed much of the building and the iconic sign.

Firefighters were forced to let the blaze burn out because they weren’t able to contain it due to weather.

The CEO of Soundview Paper Company said, “The full extent of the damage to our facility is not yet known, but we know the impact will be incalculable to the lives of our dedicated workers and our business as a whole. Our top priority in the coming days and weeks will be to support our associates at Marcal whose lives will be directly impacted by this disaster.”

Federal investigators opened an investigation into the fire, but it has now been concluded.

Secondary Fire One Month Later

This fire wasn’t the only fire at the paper company. A month after the plant was destroyed in this fire, another fire happened at an Elmwood Park location of Marcal Paper. This time the fire happened at the office building of the company and went to three alarms.


The fire left 500 people without a job. Over a month later, and the investigation has not concluded the cause of the original fire. The office fire was determined to have started in an electrical room with dryers.