Fire Panels: What is your trying to tell you?

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In 2011, we published an article, “What is your fire panel trying to tell you?” The popularity inspired us to update it.

Here is a snippet.

In a perfect world, the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) would be a system that only required attention during premeditated events such as a valve being closed off for system maintenance or for inspection and testing purposes. For many plant employees, it's "that control box on the wall" that nobody wants to manage. The alarm systems that control a power generating plant's fire protection systems can be confusing to the personnel who do not routinely operate and maintain them.

When operators do not thoroughly understand how FACPs function and do not know how to appropriately respond to their signals, the consequences can be devastating. Few emergencies in a power generating plant are more threatening than a fire condition. Fortunately, this scenario can often be avoided by educating plant staff about how to properly utilize FACPs.

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