Elevation: Drones rising as tools to improve power plant performance via Utility Drive

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Utility Dive published an article diving into the benefits of using drones to inspect power plants.  They said that utility companies are beginning to turn the corner on new technology to improve productivity.


If there is one thing that can improve efficiencies and productivity, it is utilizing technology.  Duke Energy contributed to the story, explaining how they use drones to inspect solar plants.  Drones provide an advantage when inspecting large areas.  Utility companies get an aerial view to give them a full picture of the plant.

Here is a snippet from the article:

Sometimes predicting the future means reaching for the skies. Some are talented enough to do that with their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Unmanned aerial systems are all the flying rage in the utility space. Xcel Energy received federal approval to fly its drones beyond line of sight, while other utilities such as Duke Energy and Ameren are expanding what the quad-propped tools can offer to the grid from the power plant to the distribution system.

Those high-flying attributes make sense—both for safety and financial efficiency—as valuable tools of detection inside the traditional power plant.

Read the article - Elevation:  Drones rising as tools to improve power plant performance.

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