How Real Time Data is Changing the Construction Industry

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Real time data has the ability to increase productivity and profits.  With real time data, project managers are able to make quick, in the moment decisions that can make a big impact on the construction job.

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What is causing the issue with productivity in construction?


Construction companies are having a harder and harder time finding a skilled workforce.  73% of construction firms are planning on hiring more workers.  Yet, 73% are also reporting that they are having difficulty filling their positions.  Of that number, 75% expect it to remain difficult.

Cost Overruns

Construction estimates are off.  Only a quarter of construction projects come within 10% of the original deadlines.  Less than a third are coming within 10% of the budget.

Lack of Data

The issue seems to lie within the lack of data.  Without being able to track productivity in the field and real-time data on materials and labor hours - how can the timeline and budget be accurately budgeted?

How do we fix the lack of productivity in construction?


Real time data.

Construction companies that use mobile technology are seeing

  • 2+ hours of added productivity per day by using mobile project documentation apps.
  • 58% of companies that switched to construction software cut printing costs.
  • 78% of construction managers feel that construction management software reduced the amount of time it takes to manage a project.

    Check out the infographic from APE Mobile here.