Dartmouth University to have 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

Dartmouth University renewable power plant.jpg


Dartmouth University is working with consultants to explore renewable power plant options.  Their goal is to have 50% of its energy supply to be renewable by 2025 and 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Dartmouth has hired Goldman Sachs consultants to explore options for renewable power plants.  They also plan to move to a more efficient HVAC system, using a hot water loop system.


The current power plant, according to VP of Facilities Operations and Management, was built in 1898.  That plant produces all of its heat and 20% of its electricity.

Goldman Sachs is helping Dartmouth University find a partner to build the new sustainable plant.

It is expected that the new plant will use biomass.  The current power plant uses oil.  Dartmouth University is open to considering other renewable energy options from their power plant partner.  The college is currently planning on using wood chips for their renewable source; however Professor of Environmental Studies Andrew Friedland suggests that they move on to a "true non-depletable renewables like wind and solar."

The town of Hanover has the same goals as Dartmouth University.  They, too, plan on committing to renewable energy.  By 2050, they also plan on 100% renewable energy.