Chemical Plant Fire and Explosion in Texas

chemical plant explosion.jpg

Cresson, TX -- A chemical plant in Texas had a fire and multiple explosions.

Three people were working at the plant when the fire and explosions happened.  One is still missing, and feared dead.  Another has serious burns.  He was on the job for only three weeks when the event occurred.

The plant opened a year ago and has twelve employees.  

First responders arrived at 9:45am from the Fort Worth Fire Department.  A hazmat crew arrived with them.  They planned to attack the fire, but, instead, allowed it to burn out.  Subsequent explosions and toxic fume exposure fueled that decision.


Witnesses reported hearing big booms and seeing fireballs shooting from the building.

The fire continued to burn out and secondary explosions were seen at 11:15am.  By 1:00pm the roof collapsed and the fire was only active in a few areas.

Dylan Mitchell, 27, is missing.  Cresson Mayor and Fire Chief Bob Cornett said that the earliest the search could begin for Dylan is March 16.  The fire needed to be fully extinguished and excavation equipment needed to be brought in before the search could begin.

It is unknown what kind of chemicals were at the chemical plant.  When a spokesperson was asked to disclose, they responded that the reporter needed to file a public information request.  Following the 2013 fertilizer plant fire that killed fifteen people, Greg Abbott, the Attorney General at the time, ruled that state agencies could withhold information about hazardous chemicals due to "ongoing terroristic activity."