Case Study: Manufacturing Plants Keys to Success

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Industry Week announced its IW Best Plant Winner for 2017.  And the winner is....

Adient Lerma!

An interview and case study pulled out the keys to their success and how they accomplished their goal of Level 4 status.  The first of the company's 230+ facilities to reach that goal.

manufacturing plant


Here is a snippet:

When I visited the Adient Lerma Seating plant just outside Mexico City back in February, management was already busy planning a very big party.
The plant, which assembles seats and door panels for some of the world's top carmakers, had just been notified that it had achieved the elusive Adient Manufacturing System (AMS) maturity Level 4 status—the first of the company's 230-plus global facilities to do so.
Enterprise-specific rankings like AMS are quickly becoming common fare in the industry. And, while rising to the top of any ranking is clearly a good reason to celebrate, these systems often emphasize metrics and values that can be too narrow or esoteric to really generate much excitement outside the company bubble. But Adient Lerma's achievement seems particularly relevant to the full industry.

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