A Second Chemical Plant Fire in Houston, 1 Killed

Houston explosion.png

Houston, TX Houston has had its second explosion and fire in less than a month.

This fire killed at least one person on Tuesday at a chemical plant near Houston in Crosby, Texas. Two were lifted by helicopter to a hospital, according to the fire marshal’s office spokesperson Rachel Moreno.

The incident is presumed to have started when a transfer line ignited in the area of a tank holding isobutylene. Then, the nearby storage building caught fire. The storage building was holding dry, combustible chemicals.

Residents within a 1-mile radius of the plant were ordered to shelter in place. It appears that chemicals are not in the air and that the shelter in place was lifted a few hours later.

The US Environmental Coordinator Matt Loesel said, “We have not seen any detection at action levels.”

The nearby school district, Crosby Independent School District shut down its heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems at their campuses. “Teachers have sealed doors where possible as an additional safety precaution.”

Another nearby school district, Galena Park Independent School District canceled the scheduled outdoor activities and HVAC for the day.

This chemical plant is less than a 30 minute drive to the Deer Park plant that burned for several days in March.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the individuals involved, as well as our first responders, employees, and our community. We apologize for any inconvenience to residents in the vicinity. The well-being of our people, neighbors, and the environment remain our top priorities,” said John C. Foley, KMCO president.