8 Killed in China Chemical Plant Explosion

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8 Killed Chemical Plant Explosion

China -- Eight people were killed in an explosion that happened at a Chinese chemical plant.  The explosion and fire that followed happened Monday, according to authorities.

The accident happened at 1am, when a liquefied gas tanker exploded in a loading area in the petrochemical plant.  That explosion triggered fires that set fuel storage tanks on fire, causing more explosions.  

When fire crews arrived, 900 firefighters reported.  Nearby residents were evacuated.  The fire was brought under control by the late afternoon. 

The plant's owner was detained by police.  The injured were taken to a hospital, and eight people died.  

China has one of the worst workplace accident records in the world.  In 2015, 173 people were killed in a chemical storage explosion.

Read the full story on the chemical plant fire here. 


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