What is Lean Construction and Why You Should Care

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Lean Construction

What Is Lean Construction & Why You Should Care 

Lean production is a term used to depict the use of less material, time, and effort to produce something of value to the end customer. The term ‘lean' was popularized in Japan by the research team designing the Toyota brand. They wanted to come up with the most economical way to produce a profitable and valuable final product. The one possible way to come up with a production system that economizes greatly on input is by incorporating all the factions to a project. This means that the managers, all people involved, and the end user needs to be at par from the beginning of the project. Lean production results in a reduction in materials used, time spent on the project, and the people involved realize a better flow of work.

Why Does Lean Production Matter?

Lean construction has several benefits in projects. It leads to:

•Better utilization of material
•The amount of time spent on the project reduces significantly
•A better workflow which is achieved through the interaction with all people involved in the project
•An increase in output due to the reduction in time required to complete one project

For a company to be able to deliver efficiently, it has to know the value that it creates for its customers. It means that management needs to pay close attention to the company's processes, its people and the delivery of each service to understand what it is that they are doing that is not beneficial to its customers. Once this information is known, decisions can follow on what to improve. Lean calls for changing the traditional way of doing things. The process does not happen in a week; it may take a long time before things change and the wasteful methods removed to create value in the production system.

The Impact of Lean Production on Wind Power

The Wind is one of the renewable sources of energy. As the world looks into reducing its carbon print without slowing down its development agenda, there is more attention being directed to wind power. Wind farms are currently costly to set up. The cost stands in the way of most organizations seeking it as an alternative source of power. If Lean production is utilized to set up wind farms from the beginning, the effect will be a greener source of energy that is produced at a lower cost. These benefits will trickle down to the projects. An even better perspective is that wind power could change the way most people in the world operate. It could provide energy to people in the less developed countries that could be struggling with less efficient sources of energy.

In production, the primary focus is coming up with a final product that is pleasing to the customer. What if other benefits would accrue to both the customer and the company in charge of the project? Lower costs, better timelines, additional value, superior products, and a safer earth are all benefits that follow lean production. This concept may only be in its infant stages, but it sure is taking the world by storm.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Federal Steel Supply, Inc., a leading supplier of carbon, alloy and stainless steel in pipe, tube, fittings and flanges.

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