Ohio's Shale Natural Gas Spurs Investment in Building of Plants

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Ohio Seeing a Surge in Natural Gas Power Plant Building

Ohio is seeing a surge in power plants being built since the shale natural gas boom hit.

Six plants are under construction or in the planning stages across Ohio.  The projects are an example of how natural gas has changed the electricity market from coal.

"Don't be surprised if the future of power generation is natural gas, along with wind and solar.  There is an abundance of natural gas that will provide the price to beat," said Don Mason, Zanesville lawyer and former Public Utilities Commission of Ohio member.

Coal was left off the list very intentionally.  Coal-fired power plants are closing all over the country due to age and the expense of complying with clean air regulations.  Gas plants emit pollutants, but at a much lower degree than coal. 

"The market is really calling for this new build [of natural gas power plants]," said William Martin.  "It's as simple as that." 

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