Electricity Restored on Block Island after Power Plant Fire

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Electricity Restored on Block Island after Power Plant Fire

New Shoreham -- Power has been restored to Block Island following a power plant fire that took down the power for the entire island.

The fire started at midnight on Saturday when a piston came through the engine and the Ocean Avenue plant.  This caused hot oil to shoot out and catch fire.  The hot oil turned into a huge fireball.

The fire took down 3-5 engines and caused rolling blackouts all of Saturday on Block Island.

"It just took off," said Clifford McGinnis.  The heat destroyed wires and damaged three bucket trucks.

It took 1.5 hours for firefighters to take the fire down.

The island chartered a boat to bring in two generators and transformers to help with the electricity load.  Block Island Power is the only source of electricity for the island.

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