Addressing Fire Protection Challenges for Pumps in Natural Gas Processing Applic

Implementing fire protection solutions for pumps in natural gas processing plants demands strategic design and installation methods to ensure that equipment is protected effectively. When installing suppression systems in outdoor environments there are many additional variables to consider than with typical interior applications. Factors such as wind, temperature and corrosive elements must all be considered in the design of a system.

Another concern that must be considered when installing fire suppression systems for pumps is the placement of the nozzles. Commonly, nozzles are positioned at an elevation that is too high and distant to be effective, rendering the suppression less effective.

F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems installed 42 deluge systems at the Hastings Extraction/Fractionation Plant in Pine Grove, WV, which included protection for the plant's Drip Gasoline Reflux Pumps.

The Hastings Extraction Plant is a natural gas processing facility that has a production of 180,000 MCF/day with fractionation up to 500,000 gallons/day.