During a 13 year period, 437 workplace deaths occured in the coal industry...

WESTON, Mo. (The Associated Press) - Aug 8

More than 200 people were briefly evacuated after a small explosion and fire at Kansas City Power & Light's Iatan power plant in Weston.

KCP&L spokeswoman Katie McDonald says the plant never stopped operating after the explosion Wednesday morning in a remote area known as a coal bunker.

She says most of the roughly 250 workers at the plant were ushered out as a precaution. They were allowed back inside a short time later. There were no injuries.

Platte County fire crews were dispatched to the coal-fired power plant and quickly contained the blaze. McDonald said early Wednesday afternoon a damage estimate wasn't yet available.

The coal bunker is the source of fire and explosion in many plant combustion events. Check this article out on the hazards and mitigation options for coal-fired power plants.