45 Fire Crews Respond to Power Plant Fire

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45 Fire Crews Respond to Power Plant Fire

St. Clair -- Dave Westrick has been at the DTE Plant for 33 years; he has been at the St. Clair Fire Department for 26 years.  Last Thursday, his careers overlapped when a fire ignited at the plant.

"It was hard.  It's been home to me for a lot of years.  But, on the flip side if it, I had my fire department guys I had to be concerned for.  I've been with them for 26 years, and that's home for me also," said St. Clair Fire Chief/St. Clair Power Plant supervisor of fuel supply Westrick.

More than forty agencies responded to the fire.  No firefighters were injured.

The fire started on the third floor of the nine-story building.  It extended to the roof.

While crews responded to the scene at 6:30pm, they wren't able to enter the interior of the building until 11pm.  They worked all night Thursday and into Friday with the last of the firefighters leaving 25 hours later.

It is estimated that fifty employees were working at the time of the fire.  Everyone was evacuated safely. 

The plant is offline.

"DTE is working to resume energy generation at the plant; however, at this time, we do not have an estimate as to when the plant will restart production.  Service to our customers has not been impacted by this event.  Again, we thank the various fire departments in the area for their quick response and action, and the community for its continued support."

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