Video: Chemical Plant Fire

On October 3, 2011 a Waxahachie, TX chemical plant exploded as workers mixed chemicals at the plant.  The flames completely engulfed the complex, forcing residents and schoolchildren to evacuate the area.  Between 25 and 30 employees safely evacuated, but two employees become severely ill after breathing the chemical fumes.

OSHA gave the plant a "serious" violation, determining that they exposed employees to fire hazards from inadequate ventilation.  They were given 8 violations and a $45,000 fee:

- Failing to failing to conduct a hazard assessment.
- Failing to install a sufficient ventilation system.
- Failing to train workers in specific hazardous chemical protection procedures.
- Failing to evaluate respiratory inhalation hazards.
- Failing to ensure that the fire sprinkler system was adequate.
- Failing to use electrical equipment in accordance with its labeling.
- Failing to document the classification of hazardous locations for electrical purposes.
- Failing to ensure that electrical equipment was considered safe for the location where it was used.

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