Florida Power and Lights Fire, Power Quickly Restored

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Florida Power and Lights

Medley -- Black smoke rose from the Florida Power and Lights Power Plant when a fire sparked yesterday.

Miami-Dade Fire Department said that a transformer caught fire, prompting a massive blaze yesterday at 4pm.  Crews were able to quickly contain the fire thanks to FPL.  

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said that this fire presented extra challenges, "The challenges are the electrical component.  Obviously, it's not something small.  It is a big area to cover and dealing with the transformer itself with the fuel involved, it can complicate things, but fortunately, we had a nice, coordinated, professional plan of attack with Florida Power and Light."

FPL spokeswoman Marie Bertot said that the fire interrupted power for 10,700 customers, but was restored by 7:30pm.  "At this time, it's under investigation.  I don't have the cause," said Bertot.

People nearby said they heard a boom.  "All of a sudden the lights started flickering and then it went off," said Gigi Monasterio, a nearby employee.

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