Fires Reported at Michigan Plant

Power Restored After Fire Report at Severstal Steel Plant


DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Power has now been restored at the Severstal Steel Plant in Dearborn and workers are returning to normal schedules following a massive power outage.

The Dearborn Fire Department battalion chief says the outage caused molten steel to overflow from its container at the Severstal steel plant Thursday evening.

The fire chief says he originally received reports of multiple fires at the plant in the Ford Rouge complex, but he says there was never a fire. He also reports that no one was injured.

When the steel plant lost power, it shut down the manufacturing process and caused the molten steel to overflow from a container.

A spokesperson for the steel company says they shut down their plant as safely as possible. The spokesperson also says there was a small fire caused by the molten steel, but it was extinguished quickly.

The fire department cooled down the container to make sure there were no more fires.

The Ford Rouge complex also lost power.There were 1,800 workers sent home from the assembly, stamping, frame and engine operations, according to a release from Ford.

Ford's statement says there is no word on what caused the power outage, but a number of workers remain to work with DTE Energy to restore power.

Workers should also expect to report for their shifts unless contacted by management, according to the statement.

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