Companies Fined for Safety Violations on Job Sites

Three Langley firms have been fined by WorkSafeBC for workplace safety violations, including a contractor, a manufacturing plant, and a conservation centre.

Standard Plumbing & Heating was a prime contractor at a Langley construction site for several townhouses, according to WorkSafe's listings of penalties.

The firm, based in Surrey, was fined $29,446.

"The firm didn't orient workers to the site and hadn't conducted an inspection to identify and correct unsafe conditions and practices, as was evident when WorkSafeBC found obvious safety violations on the site," said WorkSafe's penalty listing.

They allegedly didn't post drawings of the site layout with locations of first aid supplies and evacuation stations.

A representative of Standard said they will be appealing the ruling, but the appeal has not yet begun.

Clearwater Door Manufacturing, based in the Gloucester Industrial Park, was fined $20,160 in July.

WorkSafeBC said there were "numerous safety violations" found during an inspection, including four saws without safeguards and an unsecured cylinder of compressed gas. There was also not enough first aid available, or a required worker health and safety representative, said WorkSafe.

"These were both repeated violations, as was the firm's failure to safeguard its saws," said the WorkSafe report.

A representative of Clearwater declined to comment on the WorkSafe report.

Finally, the Mountain View Conservation Centre in Fort Langley was fined $4,860 for "discouraging four of its workers from reporting their workplace injuries" and filing a compensation claim with WorkSafe.

Malcolm Weatherstone of Mountain View said the non-profit, which houses and breeds rare and endangered animals from around North America, is appealing the claim and is asking for it to be dismissed entirely.

"It dates back 12 years," Weatherstone said.

In 2010, the centre was hit by a series of controversies including an SPCA investigation following the death of a giraffe, and a major fight between owners and some current and former employees.

The complaint stems from that labour dispute, Weatherstone said.

Langley was the site of one of the worst workplace incidents in recent memory when three workers died and two more were seriously injured by toxic fumes in a mushroom farm in 2008.

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