UPDATE: FitzPatrick Nuke Plant Back on Grid After Fire


Scriba, NY -- The James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant has returned to service after a transformer fire Nov. 11.

Tammy Holden, speaking for plant owner Entergy, said the plant was reconnected to the power grid Sunday night and building to full power is in progress. She said during this time, plant systems and equipment are being tested at various power levels.

At 3:55 a.m. Nov. 11, the plant shut down automatically due to a fire in the station's main transformer (the transformer used to supply power fro the plant to the power grid).

The fire was put out by 6:32 a.m. with help from the Scriba Fire Department and support from the New Haven Fire Department, Holden said.

Since then, inspectors and other officials have been investigating the incident and that investigation continues. Workers have removed the failed transformer and installed a spare transformer that already was on site.

All test results and monitoring data prior to the transformer failure showed it was operating appropriately. There was nothing indicating the transformer would fail.

Holden said preliminary results suggest the fire was caused by an internal fault, meaning a component failure within the transformer. The identification of which component may take several weeks due to the condition of the transformer.


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