Safety.BLR Presents: Top 5 Strategies for Improving Safety

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Strategies for improving safety

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' safety website recently posted a blog, offering a safety specialist's top 5 strategies for improving safety in construction.  

Forklift Specialist Tom Reddon was interviewed by Utility Products online magazine to discuss his advice on safety and the well-being of employees.  Here are his top 5 safety suggestions for making safety a top priority.

1)  Develop a Training Curriculum - A proper curriculum keeps safety at the forefront and reduces a chance of an incident.  Reddon is quoted in saying that safety training is "the fabric of the workplace."  He mentioned that safety approaches and practices need to be updated periodically because they can become outdated.

2)  Use Spill Management Kits -  These kits are used to proactively manage spills.  If a spill of hazardous materials occurs, a spill kit - which contains absorbent materials, chemical containment materials, and personal protective equipment (PPE) - quickly mitigates a diaster.

3)  Promote Fire Safety - Employees should know a proper fire evacuation plan in the event of a fire.  Statistics show that fires double in size every minute.  Proper fire training for employees should include fire extinguisher training and evacuation planning.

4)  Strive for Better - Always aim to improve safety measures to meet new needs.  Employees will soon be able to better identify hazards and mitigate them faster.

5)  Keep Your Eyes Open - Employees should be trained to always be on guard and ready to jump in to prevent a safety situation.

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