Evaluating Job Safety and Fatality Statistics

It's not hard to imagine which types of jobs are most dangerous. Fatal workplace injuries in 2010 totaled 4,547, and there are a variety of causes related to those deaths. The predominant cause of job related deaths was transportation, which accounted for 39 percent of these incidents. Assaults and violent acts accounted for 18 percent of workplace deaths while contact with objects and equipment was blamed in another 16 percent. Falls accounted for 14 percent of workplace deaths.

These statistics point to the reality of workplace fatalities and suggest that safety programs are important in keeping vulnerable industries as free from incident as possible. The unfortunate reality is that many of the most dangerous jobs are also some of the lowest paying jobs. It's important to recognize the risk associated with a specific job so that proper training and precautions can be implemented in order to limit one's susceptibility to fatal injuries. It's also important to realize that the safest jobs available tend to be lower paying than many of the most dangerous jobs.

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