Firefighters respond to fire at Entergy's downtown substation

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Lake Charles fire fighters responded to a fire at Entergy's downtown substation on Sunday in Lake Charles.

The fire started around 5 p.m. at the substation located on Mill and Ann Street.

Two fire trucks responded on the scene. Several Entergy workers were also there to assist.

An eyewitness who lives a block away at Chateau du Lac Apartments described what he saw and heard.

"I was sitting near a window working on a rod and reel and heard a boom. The next thing I saw was smoke in the form of a mushroom cloud. So, I called 911 and the fire department were here shortly thereafter," explained Chris Usher.

Clyde Mitchell with Entergy said the fire was quickly put out and that they don't expect any outages as a result from the fire.

"We were able to switch to another transformer at that station so the customers should not notice any difference in service. The fire department put the fire out and our crews will go in some time tomorrow and fix the other transformer," said Mitchell.  

No word on what caused the fire. | Tags:  fire protection, fire sprinklers, substation fire