Fire Strikes Transformer at Nuclear Power Plant

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BAY CITY, Texas -

No injuries were reported but one of two units was shut down at a Texas Gulf Coast nuclear power plant when a transformer caught fire.

South Texas Project spokesman Buddy Eller says the Tuesday fire was an "unusual event" but did not threaten the public or the nuclear reactor feeding current to the transformer.

Eller says the plant's own fire brigade had the fire out in 15 minutes, but Unit 2 of the plant remained shut down while the circuit it feeds is inspected and repaired. Eller says the plant's other unit continued to generate power at full capacity.

The plant is about 90 miles southwest of Houston near Bay City. The two 1,350-megawatt generators are owned by NRG Energy, CPS Energy and Austin Energy and serves 2 million customers. | Tags:  power plant fire protection, nuclear plant fire protection, fire sprinklers, transformer fire protection, detection