Residents Return Home After Chemical Fire

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UPDATE: Residents have returned home after an early morning chemical fire at a plant in Mound House.

Monitoring systems worked during the fire, with all 15 employees inside evacuating safely.

The Kemet plant re-opened late Friday morning.

No firefighters were injured.


MOUND HOUSE, Nev. - Lyon County Fire is working to put out a chemical fire at a warehouse in Mound House.

Lyon County Officials tell us the plant is located on Bruce way off industrial parkway off highway 341. A sign in front of the plant says "Kemet".

A Lyon County sheriff's deputy says the chemical fire is sodium-fueled, white smoke can be seen coming from the building, and it's dangerous to breathe in.

One home has been evacuated; deputies tired to evacuate other homes around a half a mile radius but couldn't make contact with homeowners.

Deputies say the first call came in at around 4 am.

Workers at the plant are standing outside on Industrial Parkway. | Tags:  chemical plant fire protection, fire sprinklers, fire protection, plant fire protection