Fire at Rojana Industrial Park Damages Cooling System

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A fire on Friday afternoon that damaged a power plant at Rojana Industrial Park in

Ayutthaya has increased safety concerns among local residents.

It took more than one hour to control the blaze which damaged part of the cooling system of the power plant in Phase II of the industrial estate in Uthai district.

Around 300 workers and 30 engineers working in the plant fled to safety and about 10 workers suffered minor smoke inhalation injuries.

The natural gas-fuelled power plant, owned by Rojana Power Co, was undergoing test runs, said Kalayanee Juprang, an activist who led an unsuccessful attempt by local residents to stop the plant from being built.

She said the incident on Friday indicated a lack of safety, which could lead to more problems once the plant is in full operation.

The community group has demanded that plant executives and the government investigate the cause of fire and explain clearly to the public what preventive measures, especially against chemical leaks, they plan in case such incidents occur again.

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